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  Laurie McCammon 

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Listen to Laurie's appearance on All Things Connected, Dr. Julie Krull's radio show on Empower Radio where they discuss in depth, "What does this word 'enough' have to teach us, and why now?"  What comes after this vitriolic "Enough is enough!" moment in history we're living in? (Hint: The answer is much better than you think!) Get ready to be inspired and expanded!


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"You Are Enough"  Guided Meditation 

Enough!  How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word  is a groundbreaking, paradigm changing non-fiction book by author, Laurie McCammon, MS, that reveals a simple key to happiness and abundance:  changing our orientation to just one word. Enough.  It is not a matter of "fixing ourselves" with self-help and self-improvement schemes. Our central story, the "Never Enough Story" (the story of scarcity) is a self-fulfilling prophecy that has kept humanity locked in perpetual cycles of suffering for over 5,000 years.  The belief in lack has obscured our ability to perceive the more ancient and enduring enough pattern present throughout the entire cosmos that provides a flow of divine inspiration and heart wisdom, vast stores of creativity and self-empowerment.  Citing findings from quantum physics, new sciences, systems theory, feminine leadership, spirituality, indigenous teachings, and growing global movements such as sustainability, thrive, resilience, environmentalism, community currency, and the sharing economy, Laurie demonstrates that an enough success story is already well underway.  And because humanity is only one small player in this cosmic-level Enough Story, the shift from Never Enough to Enough is inevitable and cannot be stopped.  The result is a future to be truly optimistic about that offers a vastly improved quality of life, personal empowerment, health, benevolent activity, meaningfulness and sufficiency for all.

Enough! is published by Conari Press, publisher of non-fiction books that range in topics from spirituality, personal growth, and relationships to women’s issues, parenting and social issues.